Ransomware is probably the number one security threat faced by enterprises today. It is a specific type of malware that encrypts valuable digital files and removes originals forcing the enterprise to pay to get the key. The victims of ransomware range from hospitals, schools, state and local governments, police departments and small to large businesses. According to computer security firm Malwarebytes, nearly 40 percent of all businesses experienced a malware attack since 2015.

Public SaaS products such as Dropbox, Office 365, and Google Drive are particularly vulnerable. Public SaaS also provide an attack vectors into end user computers by spoofing email messages and deliver the malware payload.

With the latest release of FileCloud, we are launching the industry’s first file content heuristic engine for EFSS to find and protect your enterprise files from ransomware attacks. It is a remarkable engineering feat, and we are very proud of the real value it can bring to your enterprise data protection. More than ever, your files need it.

FileCloud is the only EFSS solution in the marketplace that has built-in powerful ransomware protection. With the combination of file content heuristic engine and file versioning we employ a multi-thronged approach to combat the ransomware threat.